What IF a day without WiFi ?

Wait ! ! ! What did you say. ! A day without WiFi . . .

This is frightening than a horror film to think about a day without. If we don’t have WiFi for a day.

Thanks for the freedom from privacy huntsmen. WiFi is the way how it is built as a smart grid of communication. Every WiFi LAN network is connected to another to form a network and sniff the people by making a virtual connected map.

These free Wi-Fi hotspots can track your location even when you aren’t connected. These networks, Zenreach and Euclid, log the locations of millions of smartphone and laptop owners who pass within range of their hotspots even when these people don’t sign on.

Euclid claims more than 120 million monthly active devices globally and said that the majority are in the US. Zenreach has most of its hotspots are in the US and it’s the most well-funded of the WiFi startups in the nation, having raised $80 million for a $210 million valuation as of March 2017, according to Crunchbase.

So, Please be careful when you’re connecting to a free hotspot.

Bots🤖, Yeah it’s all bots. Every chatbox on the internet is all filled up with bots. If you’re rising or inquiring about something on the internet you’re getting a response from a bot only. All are automated in this digital world.

When you left the WiFi aur Internet. You’re free and having time to spend your valuable time with your friends and family.

Yeah, It is difficult to watch your favorite episode in high definition without WiFi. Connecting your TV to WiFi is very easy when comparing with traditional cabled internet.

You will be getting enough time to spend with your homies. Think about dinner with our loved-one. Yes, it is really amazing that we can spend our time with our dearest people.

We may feel like we’re in our vintage period, There is a big NO for Siri, Alexa, and even Google. We have to get our things done on our own. To power-ON AC, setting timer, reminders everything we needed to do personally.

Every IoT devices are connected only with WiFi. Some of your IoT devices won’t work are Google home voice controller, Amazon echo voice controller, Nest door and indoor CAM, Mr. Coffee coffee maker, Philips hue, Nest thermostat, Awair air quality monitor, and more.

The neural link may be messed. WiFi is being a neural hub for our digital life’s smart devices. Without WiFi, every device supposed to be in the network will be out of the network.

When comparing the price of 1GB of data from our broadband-connected WiFi is very less than our cellular data. Here’s a price list of 1GB data from popular cellular vendors in the US.

It’s always better to go with WiFi when comparing all aspects with cellular.


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